I decided (on a whim) one day to photograph my knitwear collection.

I was born and raised (and still live) in Shetland, which if you are interested in knitting you will know is a Mecca of this tradition. Stranded Fair Isle and a particular type of lace was born in these islands and as much as it was developed in particular areas (Fair Isle obviously for Fair Isle knitting and Unst for lace) it is strong over the whole group of Islands and our culture ignites in me a strong connection and interest.

I studied Textiles at the Shetland College and I work at Jamieson & Smith, the only true maker of Shetland Wool from Shetland so I spend my days surrounded by wool. I also have a small business in my spare time making cushions in the shaped of traditional croft houses. In recent years I became a trustee of the Shetland Textile Museum, which only furthers my interest in cataloguing my collection.

What this all has to do with my collection is that I am always on the lookout for interesting knitwear and I don’t care where I buy it, I didn’t mean to start a collection and five years ago I had no real piece of knitwear that was special, but in a way to feel closer to my interests and my culture I began to gravitate towards these pieces. oh, also I blog here which is where I share most of my purchases, but often I don’t show all the things I buy so this can be an evolving thing which I can add to.

I will try to include as much information about the pieces, many are vintage or sourced through avenues like ebay and charity shops so I know about as much as you but hopefully I can offer some type of insight from what I know.

Ella xx