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Lighthouse Pullover

Lighthouse Pullover, pattern by Carrie Hoge, knit by me using Quince & Co Lark, machine knit body and sleeves, hand knit yoke and ribs. Advertisements

Fair Isle Yoke

Fair Isle Yoke, bought from ebay, tag says Fair Isle made in Fair Isle, not a big fan of the shape of this, very boxy.

Fair Isle Allover

Fair Isle allover Jumper, Laurence J Smith brand, made in Shetland. Bought from Armstrongs Vintage Shop, Edinburgh, March 2016.

Fair Isle Cardigan

All over Grey shaded Cardigan, bought from ebay 2016.

Fair Isle Yoke

Fair Isle Yoke, bought from Ebay, April 2016.

Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel jumper, knit by me, pattern by Kate Davies, knit in Buachaille. Machine knit body and sleeves, hand knit yoke.

Fair Isle Yoke

Green Fair Isle yoke, bought from ebay December 2015, no label.

Fair Isle Allover

Fair Isle Allover, knit in Shetland. Natural Shades, bought from ebay, November 2015.

Fair Isle Yoke

Fawn Fair Isle Yoke, bought from ebay November 2015, slightly unusualĀ as the tree is in the middle rather than a star.

Clothkits Jumper

Machine knit ‘Clothkits’ brand jumper, All over Fair Isle, bought from ebay, November 2015.

Sleeveless Vest

Sleeveless Fair Isle Jumper, bought by me from the Cunningsburgh Show, the vest was an entry into the Colourbox Competition hosted by J&S and I loved it so bought it from the knitter… Continue reading

Fair Isle Cardigan

Shaded Fair Isle Jumper, bought from ebay 2015, bought from same seller as this cardigan

Sleeveless Fair Isle

Sleeveless Fair Isle top, knit using acrylic yarn, probably machine knitted. Bought from Save The Children. The sleeves pop out a bit so I might try and fix them.

Fair Isle Yoke

Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan, felted yoke cardigan, bought from ebay. I don’t usually like the Yokes which have been cut into without a separate buttonband but I liked the colours, I did wash… Continue reading

Fair Isle Cardigan

Fair Isle Cardigan, bought from ebay Spring 2015, Unfortunately the light blue used as the main colour is thicker than all the contrast colours, more like a DK weight so it has a… Continue reading

Fair Isle Bottom Jumper

Machine knit wool jumper with two colour Fair Isle on the bottom, bought from Cancer Research, 2015. They still sell this style of Jumper in the Spiders Web shop in Lerwick.

Two Colour Fair Isle Cardigan

Acrylic yarn two colour Fair Isle cardigan, bought from Save the Children 2015

Fair Isle Yoke Jumper

  Fair Isle Yoke Jumper, unusual Yoke pattern, bought from ebay 2015.

Fair Isle Yoke

  Fair Isle Yoke Jumper, bought from ebay, 2015.

Fair Isle Jumper

  Natural coloured Fair Isle all over, ‘Fair Isle from Fair Isle’ label. bought from ebay, April 2015. Each motif is different.

Cockatoo Brae

Cockatoo Brae cardigan, knit by me. Design by Kate Davies, from her book Yokes. I knit the body and sleeves of the one in the book and Kate kindly asked me to name… Continue reading

Fair Isle Scarf

Fair Isle Scarf, natural colours. Machine knitted scarf with hand knitted Fair Isle. Bought from Save the Children in Lerwick June 2015

Fair Isle Yoke

Olive green machine knit body and hand knit yoke jumper, yoke has slightly felted over time. Bought from ebay, February 2015

Sleeveless All-Over

Sleeveless Handknit allover,very modern colours, not sure of the date, Bought from Cancer Research, January 2015.

Black and Yellow All-Over

Machine knit Fair Isle allover, bought from the Red Cross, January 2015. Just four colours used, very effective.

Topshop Fair Isle

  Chunky knit Fair Isle jumper. Knit in very thick chenille type yarn, very warm – too warm! Bought in 2014

Harleys Yoke

  Machine Knit yoke jumper by Harleys of Scotland, although this is machine knit, it is completely seamless, which is the main reason I bought it, to see what it was like. The… Continue reading

Benneton Cardigan

United Colours of Benneton Fair Isle Cardigan, bought from etsy in 2012, nice colours.

People Cardigan

Nice lightweight but warm cardigan, featuring much the same motif as this jumper. Bought from ebay, November 2014.

Fair Isle Allover

Wool allover Fair Isle jumper, bought from ebay, November 2014. Not sure about how much I like this one..  

People Jumper

  Grey Machine knit jumper, with a fun people motif on the bottom, patterned edging which is a good technique to use instead of ribbing. Bought from ebay by Sandra Manson and given… Continue reading

Fair Isle Scarf

Wool Fair Isle Scarf, bought from Armstrongs Vintage Shop in Edinburgh, September 2014. Wool.

Orange Allover

Machine knitted all over, brand is ‘Kirk Pryde’ probably knitted in the late 1980’s. Bought from eBay October 2014

Sleeveless Waistcoat

Scandinavian style Sleeveless Waistcoat, machine knitted in thin wool, brand is GAP. Label is quite old so probably knit in the 1990’s, bought from eBay October 2014.  


Strokkur Jumper, knit by me 2013-2014, knit from Strokkur pattern by Ysolda Teague, knit using Lett Lopi Icelandic Wool, completely hand knitted.

Sarah Lund

Sarah Lund inspired Jumper, knit by me 2013, inspired by ‘The Killing’ character Sarah Lund’s Gudrun & Gudrun jumper, I improvised this top down raglan jumper, with help from another project on Ravelry.… Continue reading


Machine Knitted Scandinavian inspired Cardigan, given to me for a birthday present from my Auntie and Uncle 2011, brand is ‘Susan Bristol’ 100% wool, had lovely Norwegian clasps which I took off (why???)… Continue reading

sleeveless yoke

Icelandic Sleevless Vest knit by me, made using Lett lopi Icelandic wool and the Vormorgun pattern, which is available for free from Istex. Machine knit body and hand knit yoke.

lumber coat

Hand Knit Fair Isle Lumber Coat, made in Natural Colours, I have another in shades (cant find it at the moment.. but will add it when I find it) quite poor condition with… Continue reading

sleeveless tank top

Sleeveless Fair Isle tank top, machine knit. Bought from Laurence Odie Knitwear in 2013, 100% Wool.