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Lighthouse Pullover

Lighthouse Pullover, pattern by Carrie Hoge, knit by me using Quince & Co Lark, machine knit body and sleeves, hand knit yoke and ribs. Advertisements

Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel jumper, knit by me, pattern by Kate Davies, knit in Buachaille. Machine knit body and sleeves, hand knit yoke.

Cowichan Inspired Crofthoose Vest

Cowichan inspired vest, knit by me using two strands of Aran yarn, based on Japanese pattern I swapped out teepee’s for Crofthooses, more info on my blog here, knit back and forth. I won first… Continue reading

Icelandic Jumper

Icelandic Yoke Jumper, knit by me, pattern is the same as this cardigan i bought in Reykjavik in May, knit in Alafoss Lopi, machine knit body and sleeves and hand knit yoke.


  Riddari Jumper, knit by me using Jamieson & Smith Shetland Aran and Quince & Co Lark.

Cockatoo Brae

Cockatoo Brae cardigan, knit by me. Design by Kate Davies, from her book Yokes. I knit the body and sleeves of the one in the book and Kate kindly asked me to name… Continue reading

Half Hansel

  Half Hansel, knit by me. Pattern by Gudrun Johnston, knit using Jamieson & Smith 2ply Jumper Weight.

Lila Winter

Lila Winter knit by me, January 2015. Pattern by Carrie Hoge, from the Anthology Book 2. Knit using J&S Shetland Aran held double in Shade BSS17 (discontinued shade)

Nordic Wind

  Nordic Wind shawl, knit in Icelandic Lopi yarn, knit using Nordic Wind pattern, knit January 2015


Strokkur Jumper, knit by me 2013-2014, knit from Strokkur pattern by Ysolda Teague, knit using Lett Lopi Icelandic Wool, completely hand knitted.

Sarah Lund

Sarah Lund inspired Jumper, knit by me 2013, inspired by ‘The Killing’ character Sarah Lund’s Gudrun & Gudrun jumper, I improvised this top down raglan jumper, with help from another project on Ravelry.… Continue reading

sleeveless yoke

Icelandic Sleevless Vest knit by me, made using Lett lopi Icelandic wool and the Vormorgun pattern, which is available for free from Istex. Machine knit body and hand knit yoke.

fair isle yoke

Fair Isle Yoke jumper knit by me, machine knit body and hand knit yoke. Knit as an experiment to try and lower the neckline of a classic Fair Isle Yoke. Overall pleased with… Continue reading

heritage puffin

Second Puffun Jumper knit by me from the Puffin Jumper pattern by Kate Davies, machine knit body and hand knit yoke, knit using Jamieson & Smith Shetland Heritage Range, a worsted spun light… Continue reading

natural puffin cardigan

Cardigan knit by me, Puffin Jumper pattern by Kate Davies, I knit it as a Cardigan instead using natural Shetland wool colours, machine knit body and hand knit yoke.