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Cowichan Inspired Crofthoose Vest

Cowichan inspired vest, knit by me using two strands of Aran yarn, based on Japanese pattern I swapped out teepee’s for Crofthooses, more info on my blog here, knit back and forth. I won first… Continue reading

Sleeveless Vest

Sleeveless Fair Isle Jumper, bought by me from the Cunningsburgh Show, the vest was an entry into the Colourbox Competition hosted by J&S and I loved it so bought it from the knitter… Continue reading

Sleeveless Fair Isle

Sleeveless Fair Isle top, knit using acrylic yarn, probably machine knitted. Bought from Save The Children. The sleeves pop out a bit so I might try and fix them.

Icelandic Yoke Jumper

  Icelandic Yoke sleeveless jumper, bought from the Red Cross in Reykjavik, Iceland May 2015. Quite unusual yoke.

Sleeveless All-Over

Sleeveless Handknit allover,very modern colours, not sure of the date, Bought from Cancer Research, January 2015.

Sleeveless Waistcoat

Scandinavian style Sleeveless Waistcoat, machine knitted in thin wool, brand is GAP. Label is quite old so probably knit in the 1990’s, bought from eBay October 2014.  

sleeveless tank top

Sleeveless Fair Isle tank top, machine knit. Bought from Laurence Odie Knitwear in 2013, 100% Wool.

fair isle tank top

Sleeveless all over Fair Isle Tank top, machine knit by ‘Judanes’ in Shetland, given to me by Sandra Manson, very soft so most likely a lambswool mix, knitted in the late 1990’s.early 2000’s.

fair isle tank top

Sleeveless Fair Isle tank top, the two greens are not 100% wool, maybe an acrylic/wool mix but the fawn shade is wool. quite nicely shaped and knit in the round to the armholes… Continue reading

fair isle tank top

Sleeveless Fair Isle tank top, quite strange colour choices which I think make it look more vintage than it actually is, bought from eBay in 2014, labelled as a childs jumper but I… Continue reading

fair isle tank top

  Sleeveless allover, hand knitted and no label, worked in the round til the armholes then back and forth. Made in a light 4ply weight and wool. Bought from eBay in August 2014.